ProteoSep® 2D Fractionation Technology

A Novel 2D Intact Protein Fractionation Platform

Making chromatography of complex protein samples simple.

Eprogen is an industry leader is the development of high resolution 1D and 2D HPLC separation technologies for the isolation of intact proteins from complex mixtures such as cell lysates or biofluids. ProteoSep is an orthogonal fractionation tool that produces 1000’s of unique intact liquid protein fractions from these complex protein systems.  Chromatofocusing (CF) is the first- dimension step separating proteins in the sample based on their isoelectric point (pI).  In the second dimension, these pI fractions are separated further by hydrophobicity using our high resolution ProteoSep HPRP columns. This inexpensive process significantly reduces the complexity of protein expression taking the large “Haystack” and breaking it down into a large number of smaller “Haystacks” for easy search of the “needles” that are present. Interface with MS and antibody detection techniques is now make much easier as everything is in the liquid phase and the complexity of the sample reduced to a much more manageable level. Moreover, intact protein fractionation now allows for probing important biological processes such as post-translational modifications (PTM).

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