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ProteoSep Technology Lab Services


Want us to help you access our ProteoSep 2D Technology?
Eprogen offers a complete set of services to help with your separation and analysis needs using our ProteoSep technology:

  • 1D and 2D ProteoSep fractionation services. 

  • Microarray printing of protein sample fractionations. 

  • Serological assays and statistical analysis of patient cohorts

  • Antibody screening using protein microarrays

  • OEM Manufacturing of Protein BioChips for you specific needs.


Contact us with your specific protein separation and analysis needs!

Detailed Description of ProteoSep® Protein Analysis Services and Protein Microarray BioChip Fabrication

PS-CLAS-1 – produces one full ProteoVue 2D protein pI vs. Hydrophobicity map from a single specimen.  The data in the form of a *.vue file readable by Eprogen’s ProteoVue Software Suite will be provided.  Add PS-CLAS-FC if collection of fractions from the 2nd Dimension analysis are required. 

PS-CLAS-FC – provides for collection of a pre-selected retention time window from the second dimension analysis of a PS-CLAS-1 analysis for all pI fractions.  Up to 1000 fractions are collected in 96-well plates for return to the customer or storage at -80 C.  Time per well location information will be provided to aid in locating protein(s) for further analysis.  Either 48 or 96 fractions per analysis are collected in the 96 well plate formats.   384 well plate collections are also available upon request (not standard). 

PS-CLAS-PREP – covers additional processing of a sample necessary to make it  ready for any of the PS-CLAS analyses.  This is included in the PS-CLAS-1 analysis. PS-CLAS-2 – produces, for a single specimen, a set of pI fractions (typically 16-20) from the 1st Dimension chromatofocusing (CF) run only.  No second dimension analysis is performed.  Data in the form of a UV trace with pI fraction information provided to the client.   Collected CF fractions will be returned.

PS-CLAS-3 – provides for a single Hydrophobicity analysis of an individual pI fraction from a 1st dimension (PS-CLAS-3) analysis or a specific protein sample of interest (no CF run is required).  Data is supplied in the form of a reverse phase *.vue file readable by Eprogen’s ProteoVue Software Suite with pI fraction information provided for the fraction analyzed (when available).   

BC-SP-Prep – Preparation of a Source Plate containing ~ 1000 wells generated from the PF2D pI/Hydrophobicity fractionation used for printing BioChips.  This service includes:

        1. PF2D fractionation and ProteoVue analysis software (PS-CLAS-1) 
       2. Matching set of multi-well plates containing fractions of each Microarray Spot for MS analysis  (PS-CLAS-FC)
       3. Minimum of 1000 BioChips from each Source Plate 
       4. Source Plate stored for future print runs for maximum of 12 months. 

BC Custom Assay and Analysis – Standard analysis of BioChips with sera or antibodies for protein Biomarker discovery using fluorescence analysis.

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