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Eprogen's patented  monodisperse synthesis procedure generates a unique hyper-hydroxylated NPS surface which provides for unique HPLC & UPLC support chemistries tailored to the most demanding separations and pressures.

Short run times = Reduced MP solvent usage

High Sensitivity & Resolution 

Greatly Improved Mass Transfer Kinetics  

Increased pH stability

ProteoSep HPRP Column - ODS-II

Chelated C-18 bonded phase on 1.5µ NPS

ODS-II, also known as HPRP, is a unique NPS  based HPLC column designed specifically for complex Protein and Peptide samples.  These samples usually contain detergents, chaotropes and additives typical to protein and peptide solubilization.  As such, special bonding chemistries are required to make the C-18 hydrophobic bonding extremely stable to these additives as well as accommodate the complex nature of proteins themselves.  These surfaces are also required to withstand high pH [>9.5] samples and still retain longevity and resolving power.  The HPRP column technology provides for this stability as well as the nonporous nature of the support eliminating the need for extensive regeneration protocols required for all other porous silica based supports. 
The HPRP column design works with any HPLC or UPLC instrument and now brings the separation and resolving power of HPLC that has served the small molecule analysis community for decades into routine protein and peptide analysis laboratories. See our 2D Fractionation Technology for more applications as well.


Polymeric C-18 bonded phase on 1.5µ NPS

Small drug molecules to biomolecules can be rapidly analyzed with ODS-I columns. With the addition of modifiers such as TEA, excellent peak shapes for many basic compounds such as TCA's can be obtained. This is an excellent column for high throughput and QC lab applications as well as LC/MS separations. The absence of porosity in NPS columns makes them suitable for the direct injection of plasma for metabolite analysis.


Endcapped monomeric C-18 bonded phase on 1.5µ NPS

This is an excellent column for high throughput and QC lab applications, as well as LC/MS separations. The endcapping on ODS-IIIE columns delivers excellent resolution and analysis speed with low peak tailing for basic drug compounds.

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